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A Data Informed Practice

A key platform of School Improvement is the analysis and use of available systemic and school-based data. Data is crucial to creating a “moving school” where the school improvement agenda is focussed on recognising success, identifying gaps in learning and leading to value adding, improvement and growth. Data analysis can support improved learning for both individuals and whole groups and cohorts.  Data can also assist in comparing performance over time by students and as evidence of successful teaching.

 Professional development enables staff to build skills in data literacy. This data literacy can advance priority areas for future development.  Individual teachers engage with data to assist in refining and improving their classroom practice.

The Characteristic’s named attributes are:

  • the school has developed and is implementing a plan for the systematic collection of a range of student outcome data including both standard assessment data and quality classroom assessments;
  • the school has identified and can demonstrate that it is using data from a range of  assessment tools to monitor school-wide achievement and progress in areas of national focus such as literacy, numeracy, and the wellbeing and social and emotional development of students;
  • the school has identified its Catholic profile including the prevailing cognitive belief styles regarding Catholic identity, environmental awareness, social justice and Indigenous spirituality, through sustainable practices and staff well-being;
  • the school uses data (including information from the school’s Data Warehouse) to identify starting points for improvement and to monitor point in time progress;
  • arrangements have been put in place for accessing, summarising, displaying and communicating data, including to and from parents and the school community;
  • professional development is provided to build staff skills in analysing and interpreting data;
  • school leaders work with their relevant school teams to review achievement data relating to their areas;
  • quality time is given for staff discussions and analysis of achievement data and strategies related to improvement of student learning;
  • the school regularly and systematically monitors other data, including data relating to student attendance, school disciplinary absences and other behavioural data, school completion, student destinations and stakeholder perceptions;
  • data is used in building a culture of self-reflection and action across the school;
  • staff, students and parent cohort data is derived from annual surveying of these distinct stakeholders and analysed to inform the school improvement agenda;
  • school leaders and their TCEO Service Team discuss data on a regular basis to plan and implement any actions arising from this analysis.

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