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Learning & Teaching

The Catholic school places a high priority on supporting teachers in their capacity to bring life to the curriculum and to inspire students to curiosity and self-directed learning. Good teaching is observed and developed through the professional interactions of the staff. Teachers intentionally plan and teach in ways that allow for the differing learning needs of a group of students.  The teaching and learning process is responsive to those students who require additional time and support as well providing opportunities for high-achieving students.

The Characteristic’s named attributes are:

  • flexibility to accommodate individual learning needs is supported because of the recognition of the uniqueness of the individual learner;
  • the provision of learning activities that engage student interest and motivation;
  •  learning opportunities are provided to enable the development of the potential of every learner;
  • diversity is accommodated so that cultural and individual differences do not compromise learning opportunities;
  • learning environments sustain positive learning environments between teacher and student;
  • provision is made for the development of the capacity of staff to identify learning styles and needs of students and to accommodate those in teaching and learning experiences;
  • learning plans for students with special needs are developed through consultation with parents and students;
  • student learning is monitored and tracked and this data is used to inform teaching;
  • families are provided with information in relation to student learning and performance;
  • learning experiences and programs are informed by information gathered through authentic, relevant and regular assessment and customized to student needs and interests.

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