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The School Improvement Agenda

Through the process of School Renewal, the school leadership team and/or school board have established a continuous approach to the improvement agenda for the school, which is clearly aligned with the Mission of a Catholic School and the educational goals as set out in the Melbourne Declaration [Dec. 2008].  This improvement agenda draws on the collated data and information to set goals and targets to ensure effective Catholic schooling.  Specific strategic improvement plans have been developed with and communicated to staff, students and the wider school community.

The Characteristic’s named attributes are:

  • the school is committed to “The Education Goals for Young Australians” as set out in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals stated as:
    • Goal 1:          Australian Schooling promotes equity and excellence
    • Goal 2:          All young Australians become:- successful learners; confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens;
  • the school is authentically Catholic ensuring that Jesus Christ is central to its broad educational goal;
  • the school board, school principal and other school leaders are committed to and clear about their strategic plans;
    • that there is consonance between the mission statement of the school and its actual practice;
    • to provide the best learning outcomes for all students at their school;
  • the school provides learning opportunities which takes in to consideration the need for differentiation and recognises students across the learning spectrum including disengaged students, students with a disability, non-English speaking backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, low-SES backgrounds, remote areas and gifted and talented areas;
  • the school sets explicit targets for improvement for school and students;
  • the school communicates the School Renewal Strategic Plan to staff, students, parents and the wider community;
  • the school staff are cognisant of the school improvement agenda and participate at each of the phases of school renewal:
    •  Review and Reflection; Planning and Taking Action; 
    • the school has high belief in the capacity to improve student attendance, engagement and outcomes;
    • student success and achievement is the main driver of improvement planning;
    • student well-being and pastoral care is seen as critical to student success;
    • teaching programs are critiqued, reviewed and, if necessary, renewed regularly;
    • targets are set out in improvement plans and strategies.

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