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Effective Pedagogy

Quality teaching is the key to improving student learning.  Quality teaching is characterised by highly effective teaching practices which engage all students in their learning. In their efforts to develop a high performance and development culture, teachers adopt and develop methods which maximise student learning and identify priorities to enhance their own professional learning.

The Characteristic’s named attributes are:

  • staff are provided with professional learning on effective teaching practices;
  •  teachers are encouraged to use the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s Professional (AITSL) Standards to provide an understanding of the markers for quality teaching;
  • expectations are clear and consistently and effectively communicated through a culture of professional dialogue;
  • strategies and opportunities are provided to enable qualitative feedback to be given on the effectiveness of pedagogy practised in a supportive and professional environment;
  • school leaders support and encourages teachers to:
    • develop challenging and engaging classrooms which promote learning;
    • align learning;
    • ensure ICTs are used to enhance learning;
    • establish learning goals or intentions to direct and guide learning, and communicate these to students;
    • depth learning by concentrating on foundational concepts or threads that are developed over time;
    • establish high expectations for students’ and their own progress and performance;
    • support students in their learning through the provision of quality, detailed and timely feedback clarifying steps needed to progress;
    • be self-reflective in relation to the quality and effectiveness of teaching.