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A Coherent Curriculum

The school has a cohesive, clear curriculum plan which embraces the beliefs about learners and learning central to the Townsville Catholic Education Learning Framework.  The school’s curriculum plan relates directly to the shared vision the school as developed through consultation and sharing with stakeholders in its community.  The school’s learning program directly references the Australian Curriculum or the approved QCAA curriculum or syllabus documents. The curriculum plan supports the use of productive pedagogies that promote powerful learning, informed by data gathered from an aligned assessment and reporting program.  

The Characteristic’s named attributes are:

  • the school has a curriculum plan that clearly articulates its mission and details what is to be taught and learnt;
  • the school’s curriculum plan is clearly aligned to the TCEO Learning Framework and current approved curriculum frameworks such as The Australian Curriculum and State educational priorities;
  • the school has a well-documented and communicated scope and sequence which makes clear when and what is to be taught;
  • the school develops its curriculum priorities based on the needs, interests and performance of its students;
  • attention and energy is focussed on the identified curriculum drivers shaping the school’s curriculum plan;
  • professional learning is devoted to developing staff capacity to plan, teach, assess and report;
  • the curriculum plan promotes the development of engaging and challenging learning experiences;
  • the school’s curriculum plan promotes an alignment of curriculum intent, delivery, assessment and reporting;
  • feedback on student achievement and progress over time provided to students and families is a priority within the school’s curriculum plan.

Here are links to planning templates by Townsville Catholic Education