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Strategic Resourcing

Central to all decisions regarding resourcing (human and material) is the learning needs of all students.  In making decisions consideration is given to school and system policies and procedures.  Particular program considerations may also impact on resourcing decisions.  In the spirit of co-responsibility decision makers should take account of particular contextual needs and target resourcing to these areas.

The Characteristic’s named attributes are:

  • the school has transparent processes in place to clearly identify the resourcing needs of each student that are consistently applied and regularly reviewed;
  • the allocation of staff takes into account the strengths and interests of each staff member matching the individual needs of individual learners, in the context of the school’s priorities;
  • students requiring additional and/or special support services are identified;
  • the cost of differentiation of the curriculum supports the individual learning needs of the students;
  • resource planning is evidence based and aligns with both the short and long term strategic needs of the school;
  • the school’s facilities, plant and equipment support individual learners’ needs;
  • budgeting takes account of local and system requirements and is clearly focused on improving student outcomes;
  • sustainability underpins all resourcing decisions;
  • targeted funding for particular groups (e.g. students with disabilities, indigenous) is expended taking account of program guidelines and other accountabilities.

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