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Epistemology: A Catholic appreciation of how we know and the experience of knowing in learning and teaching

Because schools are places of learning and teaching, the experience of knowing is one of the most basic issues in education.  A Catholic theology and philosophy of curriculum comprehends and applies a catholic appreciation of epistemology.  There are some basic themes that underpin a Catholic perspective on epistemology and these include; Rationality; Holistic Knowing; Knowing and Living; Wisdom as the Fruit of Knowing and Lifelong Learning.

Catholic Christianity believes that the human mind can and should strive to understand the mysteries of life at the Divine Presence through rational reflection.  A second feature of a Catholic perspective on epistemology affirms that knowing is a holistic enterprise that embraces the intellect, emotions, imagination, experience and community and is not just an exercise of the mind or intellect.

A third dimension of a Catholic view of knowing is that practical scientific knowing cannot be separated from knowing that is concerned with ethics, religion and life.  A fourth feature of epistemology in a Catholic tradition is that all knowing should ultimately lead to wisdom.  Finally, a fifth characteristic of an epistemology in a Catholic tradition is that the acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong enterprise.  Catholic perspective on epistemology orientates a curriculum in a Catholic School to nurture a love of learning and inquiry.