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Catholics are called to serve one another, humbly and unselfishly.  Jesus gave us an example when he washed the feet of his disciples (John 13:4-17).  All in our Catholic Schools are called to serve the poor and the powerless – feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless.  … (Mt. 25)

Service to others is one of the hallmarks of being a Christian.  Service to others requires genuine humility to learn to truly listen to and be open to the ‘other’.  The tradition of the Church encourages a process of See; Judge; Act.

The Church`s understanding of service is found in its teachings on Social Justice.  This teaching offers a way of thinking, being and seeing the world.  It provides a vision for a just society in which the dignity of all people is recognised, and those who are vulnerable are cared for.  The key principles that relate to Service includes:

  1. Recognition of Human Dignity
  2. A call to work for the common good of all;
  3. Subsidiarity, service to others also refers to areas of decision making
  4. Solidarity and humans are social by nature and depend on one another