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Story and Tradition: A 2,000+ year old heritage of Catholic Christian learning and teaching within the mission of the Church to promote the reign of

A curriculum of a contemporary Catholic school stands on the shoulders of countless experiences of learning and teaching throughout the 2,000 years of this Church story.  In the gospels the most popular title for Jesus was ‘The Teacher’.  From the very beginning of Christianity, the Christian community has been engaged in teaching.

Catholic Schools throughout the ages has experienced a multiplicity of evolutions shaped by diverse cultural mores, philosophies, theological movements, human consciousness, educational theories and social transformations.  However, certain fundamental themes about human dignity and the imperative to faster the common good have remained constant, even if specific practices in teaching and learning have not always remained faithful to these beliefs.  A Catholic vision of a school, while respecting the integrity of various subjects, upholds the connectedness of all knowledge emanating from the one source of God as eternal truth.

The Catholic School must help students spell out the meaning of their experiences and their truths.  Any school which neglects this duty, and which offers pre-cast conclusions, hinders the personal development of its pupils.   (The Catholic School …n27)