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Transformational nature of our Catholic Schools’ identity and ethos:

Education in a Catholic school seeks transformation of the whole person, so that those in the school community are empowered to shape and enrich our world, by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

From various documents on leadership in Catholic schools, the Townsville Catholic Education Office developed a Leadership Framework (2012? & 2016) in which is stated:-  “Leadership is transformational in that it involves motivating the community to commit to, and to live out, a Christ-centred vision for the school. The transformational leader needs to be aware of when to offer support and when to challenge. In every instance, the desired outcome would be to maximise the personal and professional growth of community members, so as to add to the achievement of the Educational Mission of the Catholic School.” [Leadership Framework – for those in positions of senior leadership in Catholic education, 2012? & School Leadership Framework, 2016.]

So the transformational nature of the Christ-centred life we want to see imbedded in our schools, will be evidenced by being re-contextualised Catholic educational communities which aspire to develop post critical belief, and which are able to authentically dialogue with the ‘other’ from across our diverse Australian society.